Taking courses at Design Factory (DF) was the most exciting journey in the field of education that I’ve ever experienced.Since I get asked quite often about studies in Finland and in particular about Design Factory, I decided to bring out some of my older shots of it and create this short photo story.

Before I start, I would like to thank the director – Kalevi Ekman and the rest of DF’ staff for keeping this amazing place up!

In this post, I would like to showcase what the facility looks like and how one of my friend’s project developed over the course of an academic year.

(This post contains images in high resolution, they may take some time to load)

And yes, if you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend joining the Product Development Project (PDP) course that is shown in this post. It is accessible by Aalto University’s students and students from partner universities.

Design Factory and PDP

Design factory is a facility for product development and research. It is very well equipped, but I think, the main advantage is the atmosphere that supports learning and problem-solving.

At Design Factory courses, students from different backgrounds bring ideas that at the beginning seemed impossible to realize, to life. Situated in Aalto University, the facility reunites the schools of Engineering, Design, and Business.

One of the major courses (which I took part in) is Product Development Project. In this course, a sponsor company brings in a complex problem to be solved. Small, multidisciplinary groups of students are formed to work on it to then present their final prototypes at the end of the academic year.

Design factory, about the facility

Ther lobby. The picture captures a late evening. Despite the late hour, people are still working on the projects. People, who love what the do, bring life into the place.

The staff keeps the atmosphere very informal and friendly.

I heard someone calling it “Passion-based learning”.

A student, showing me a draft of a  prototype.

Inside Design Factory, you see a lot of prototyping facilities, related to different disciplines.

A student working in a paint shop.

A student working on an electrical assembly.

In electro shop.

Printing facility.

The 3D printed examples show materials and colors available.

Supplies in the knitting shop.

The machine shop can help with milling, drilling and turning parts.

Product Development Project, an example project

At the beginning of an academic year, the students are mostly putting down requirements and defining the concepts.

In winter, you can see the first prototypes being produced.

Typically people work in small groups. At the first time, it is difficult to recognize the purpose of design.

After first prototypes completion, the designs are taken to the next level…

…and in the begging of May, prototypes are close to completion.

Eventually, the final prototypes are tested. Electrical assemblies are combined with completed prototype bodies.

In this example, the team made a prototype of an air-cushioned platform. It was designed to function in harsh conditions, including dust and moisture.

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