Restaurant day in Helsinki (ravintolapäiva) UPD 2017

On the Restaurant Day, people go outside, put up their tents, cook and sell food. Some are simply opening their windows or even flats, and offer their food without leaving homes. That is the time when you can try tasty things from all over the world.

The simple idea of Restaurant Days came from Finland and got popularity worldwide. The event is organized four times a year.

Restaurant day, Helsinki

Although some of the pop-up restaurants are extremely busy, the majority of people seem to enjoy their time

Brief history

Restaurant Day celebration is originated from Finland. The idea came out of the disappointment with the bureaucracy in the restaurant business. From 2011, everyone could sell their food 4 times a year.

Restaurant day concept was quickly caught up in other countries and according to visithelsinki (2016) there are 88,000 individuals setting 22,000 restaurants globally.

In May 2016, the Restaurant Day has changed. Instead of waiting for a special day – you could set the restaurant at any day. This didn’t seem to work as organizers wanted, so from 2017 we are back to four times a year.

Restaurant Day in Helsinki

During the Restaurant Days in summer, it is was difficult to believe that you are in Finland. Normally the half-empty streets are packed with people. The picture shows the heart of Helsinki – Esplanadi, most of the restaurants are placed along this walking street.

Most of the restaurants are set along Esplanadi. While you will have the biggest selection there, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this street. Take a walk away from the city center and keep your eyes open. Some interesting places could be found away from the noisy areas, and unlike the city center, there can be a place to sit and relax.


Yes, and you can use an iphone app to get navigated around markets, can be found here

The official page of the Restaurant Day

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